Pregnancy and Labour workshops

It is very normal during pregnancy that your emotions become more heighten. Feelings such as excitement & anxiety could be running through your body like a rollercoaster. Having a support person by your side who you can count on during those moments is very essential.

Often partners would like to help you out, but they do not always know what they can do. Coming to the workshops will give them some guidance and a better understanding of what you might need during these times. They will learn how to recognise the signs of distress and how to support you with your needs during pregnancy and labour.

Throughout your pregnancy your support person can help to release muscle tension by applying simple massage. Whilst in labour, your support person can assist you by helping release the intensity of the surges through touch and pressure. This will help you to stay focussed on your breathing.

There will be no yoga done in these workshops as they are more hands on activities with lots of fun. I run 2 different workshops, with different topics. Attending one workshop would be great but coming to both workshops will give you a nice complete package.

Pelvic Floor Muscle Workshop

The pelvic floor is a few layers of muscles that are on top of each other. Which can be found between your legs, at the bottom of your pelvis. These muscles support the contents of your pelvis, such as your bladder, bowels, uterus and of course your growing baby with placenta. It is important to exercise these muscles, even more so during pregnancy due to the increasing weight of your growing baby. In this workshop we will discuss the function of the pelvic floor, how to practice them and how to use them while birthing your baby. We will cover the relation between squatting and the pelvic floor.

This workshop runs for 2 hrs and is for women only.