Hey Petra. I really enjoyed the 12 week yoga course and not only did it give me that time to connect and relax with baby once a week but I feel it mentally and physically prepared me for labor. I feel excited and confident now to go through labor. The workshop with my husband has […]


Wonderful experience for the dad to learn and get involved more in how to give our little angel some massage. Our family really enjoyed it to the max. Petra had some magic technics to help settle baby. I personally think it is a must go session for daddy’s out there. You will definitely enjoy the […]


Just wanted to let you know that the massage we do before Evan’s bath every day have him sleeping through the night from 7pm to 5am. They have really helped him and us with getting a decent night sleep. Thanks for all the great massage tips.


I’m so grateful to Petra for her guidance, support and fantastic yoga classes. I attended pregnancy yoga, baby massage and post natal yoga and absolutely loved every minute of it. During pregnancy it gave me time and guidance to focus on what was happening inside me and prepare for the birth. I felt so positive […]


Petra, I cannot thank you enough for your advice and guidance in the pregnancy yoga classes, the pregnancy and yoga workshop and for the induction massage. Our beautiful little boy Casper Benjamin arrived just after midnight on 3rd July. Despite being induced I had the natural labour I wanted which I believe had a lot […]


Thank you Petra for all your wonderful words of wisdom and support. We had our little Grace on January 13th. After your yoga, antenatal workshops and an amazing induction massage that worked a treat as my contractions started that night! My partner and I couldn’t have been more prepared for labour. I will definitely be […]


During pregnancy I was so lucky to get to know Petra and the post natal massage session that she offers. As a modern working mum to be, I was a bit worried I couldn’t get back into shape and was horrified that my organs are going to be saggy after giving birth. Yet, it didn’t […]


Petra gives an amazing pregnancy massage!!! I have never been massaged with feet before, but it felt so amazing on my back. Petra’s energy and obvious healing hands made me so relaxed and the baby felt it too. She uses a nice mixture of different styles of massage. I am going back again for sure! Thank […]


Thank you Petra for such a wonderful pregnancy massage 💕 I felt so much more relaxed and ready for the next part of the pregnancy journey


Out of all the activities my baby and I do each term, I look forward to Petra’s yoga classes the most! Because the class offers benefits for both Mum and Baby, Baby gets to see and interact with others babies and mum gets to do something for herself, yoga in a relaxed comfortable environment. Highly […]