Workshops/Retreats Prices & Timetable

2 Hour Pregnancy & Labour Workshop $60.00

1.5 Hour Pelvic Floor Muscle Workshop $25.00

REPEAT – Pelvic Floor Muscle Workshop $17.50

1 Hour Private Workshop  $90.00

1.5 Hour Private Workshop  $125.00

2 Hour Private Workshop $155.00

All the workshops are held in the Titirangi Community House. Private sessions can be arrange on request.

*Prices for the workshops above will cover you and one support person*

Pregnancy & Labour Workshop 1

Date: 08-06-19 Time: 9.30-11.30am

Pregnancy & Labour Workshop 2

Date: 25-05-19 Time: 1-3pm

Pelvic Floor Muscle Workshop 

Date: 09-06-19 Time: 9.30-11am

Mahina Mahai Pregnancy Yoga Retreat $85.00

Date: TBC

Mahina Mahai Workshop for women with women

Date: TBC