Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy changes your body in a magical way. Mahina Mahai Pregnancy Massage will help accommodate with all the ongoing changes. This massage will help you feel more relaxed within your body and mind. The release of the hormone relaxin and the increasing weight of your baby contributes to some sort of discomfort and your body is most likely in need for some nurturing. This treatment will help release the build-up of tension throughout your body.

In a sitting position, your back will be massaged by my [clean] feet whilst you have a sarong wrapped around your body. This is a traditional Indonesian way of massage, also known as ‘pitjit kaki’. Afterwards you will be placed into a reclining position whilst your body is being supported by cushions to make you feel comfortable while enjoying the massage. This is the time for you to relax and drift away. Why not indulge yourself to celebrate this magical time as often as you would like with a massage.

“Please inform your main healthcare provider before booking in for a massage.”