Postnatal Massage

Mahina Mahai Postnatal Massage is a traditional Indonesian Massage with a Selendang Body Wrap. The treatment consists of a combination of, full body massage and the binding of the belly after a mixture of herbs have been applied. Once this has been done, a long cotton cloth between 12 and 16 meters will be tightly wrapped around your hips and waist. This is so that your lower back is well supported and also to help flatten the belly by decreasing bloating, due to water retention. It redefines the waistline while keeping the back straight thus, minimising pain and fatigue. The binding will aid towards muscle tone, back support, improve posture and make you feel better.

The mixture of herbs has several good qualities. It holds an antiseptic compound, that helps to remove stale air and is a diuretic. It will aid towards stretch marks, muscle pain and heals wounds. This treatment will help you with your healing process. The binding can be done from 48 hours after giving birth even if you have experienced a cesarean birth. In a later case, a herbal mask will be applied after a month. Sometimes leaving the house after you have given birth may seem a bit challenging. If this is the case for you, then we can discuss and arrange a home visit.

Coming for a Postnatal Massage without the binding is possible as well.

After giving birth Indonesian women often rely on the traditional bidan {midwife} to perform the 40 day Postnatal Selendang treatment.