Postnatal Yoga for Mum & Baby

Congratulations with the birth of your bab. For the first few weeks your focus should be on allowing your body to heal, and to get to know your newborn. When you are feeling ready to get out of the house, it can be nice to go to a place where you can look forward to some gentle exercises, friendly faces and convenience of taking your baby. These classes will help you to become more confident to go out with your newborn baby and to meet other mothers.

When your newborn child is six weeks old, you may have stopped bleeding by then, usually your uterus will be back to its original size. When you have experienced a natural birth, it would be a good time for you to start with Postnatal Yoga. If you have experienced a cesarean birth, you can join after 8 weeks. For some women, the recovery might take a bit longer therefore, it is important to listen to your body and allow more time for yourself to heal. It is possible to start throughout the term. If you have someone at home who can look after your baby, you could contemplate coming to a class by yourself.

During this one hour Postnatal Yoga class, we will focus on toning your body, strengthening your muscles and re-balancing your posture after carrying your baby. We will address the pelvic floor muscles and other parts of the body where you are holding tension. The baby will be lying on a blanket in front of you or, they may join in with the exercises. The classes are held in a warm and welcoming environment where there is room for changing nappies, feeding, playing and yes, even crying.

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“If you are uncertain about starting Postnatal Yoga classes, then ask your main Health Provider for advice.”