Induction Massage

They say babies will come when they are ready. This might not be what you would like to hear, especially when you have reached your due date and you start to feel uncomfortable, tired and you are waiting for it to happen. A due date is not indicating that your baby will be born on that day, but rather an indication of when your baby is due. It seems that only 4% of babies will arrive on their actual due date.

When your health provider, midwife or obstetrician has informed you to a medical induced labour, an induction massage can be done 3 days prior to the medical induction. Even though this type of massage is a more natural way of induction, it is still an interference with the natural flow of labour. Therefore, it is important to inform your main health provider if an induction massage will be appropriate for you. The aim of using acupressure points is to help establish contractions and also for your cervix to dilate. Even though it is not a guarantee that the labour will start spontaneously, it will definitely help to relax you and move your energy through the meridians. This will promote an increased chance for the induction to be less intense and for you to experience minimum intervention.