Fertility Massage

Sometimes the body does not function the way that it needs to, so a little help is needed to get things moving. A fertility massage is a type of bodywork which will support the menstrual cycle, your reproductive health and your fertility. When directly massaging over the navel and the surrounding abdominal area, you are able to release stress and promote healing. This specific massage will help give your body a better blood circulation and balance, which can aid women with common issues like painful periods, hormonal imbalances, scarring tissue or infertility. All women with issues around the lower abdominal area will benefit from the alignment around the sexual organs. This will not only awaken the womb, the second heart of the body, but also allow women to reconnect with their true self.

Even though, most of the work will be around the lower abdominal area, other parts of the body will be attended to as well.