Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy is a special time in your life. The growing life inside your womb influences your body, mind and soul in every way. Through easy yoga postures, your body will gain flexibility and openness. Alongside that, your mind will become more calm and focussed. This allows your body to relax more deeply in order to find your inner peace. Through this balance, you will be able to enjoy your pregnancy more and give birth with confidence and trust.

Congratulations with your pregnancy. This 12 week Mahina Mahai Pregnancy Yoga and Childbirth Preparation Course will help you prepare physically and mentally for your new journey ahead. Body awareness, in relation to promote optimal foetal positioning, is the main ingredient throughout this course. It is important to understand the position of the pelvis so that you can create stability, comfort and space for the baby. As well as, having an easier pregnancy and birth.

“Trusting the process of labour with positive reinforcement aiming for an easier labour and birth.”

Strengthening the body through gentle Hatha Yoga Poses promotes flexibility and minimises common Pregnancy issues like sciatica, lower back pain, rib pain, lower stomach discomfort and more. The way you breathe during your labour and whilst you are giving birth is the main key that helps you to stay focussed and to tune in with your body. The body wisdom that already knows how to birth a baby. This is not only a yoga exercise class but, also a class where you can learn to reconnect, trust your body and create flexibility within your mind. This process will allow you to become more calm and relaxed by letting go of your anxiety. These classes are suitable for all levels of yoga even if you have not done any yoga before. If you feel physically strong enough when you are 12 weeks pregnant or more, then you are able to start with these classes. However, if you are feeling tired or still have issues with morning sickness, then I would suggest waiting a few more weeks before starting with this course. If you have less than 12 weeks to go, then you can be placed in a course that has already started. We can also agree on the amount of classes that you would like to participate in. The full price will be adjusted accordingly. Mahina Mahai Pregnancy Yoga can be found on two different locations, Titirangi and Henderson.

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